Our Story

When we rescued our Shiba Inu, Grizz-Lee, in November of 2017 he had a pretty severe cough.  After taking him straight to the vet we found out he had pneumonia, his lungs were 60% full of liquid, and his outlook was bleak. However, despite being very sick he was always a very active and energetic puppy.  We fought for a little over a month to get him well but he ultimately recovered sometime in January.
Now that he was healthy we realized something that most Shiba Inu owners understand, we had basically adopted a wild animal.  Where before he had been energetic and always wanting to play he could no longer be contained.  One day when he was playing we noticed his leg moving strangely, we watched him over the next couple of days until he was at the Dog Park running off leash and and suddenly sat down clearly very upset and didn’t want to walk.  

We took him to our regular vet who referred us to a specialist, the specialist diagnosed him with Luxating Patellas in both of his back legs.  He prescribed us a Pain Medicine but also recommended CBDs as a way to treat his pain.  On the pain pills he was usually content and happy, however after some shopping around we started him on CBDs and the difference was night and day.  Ever since starting CBDs he’s been back to his normal self.
What we didn’t anticipate was that CBDs would solve another problem we were having with him.  Since we rescued Grizz and nursed him back to health he’s struggled with separation anxiety and has destroyed countless household items; tables, shoes, electronics, shelves, pillows, clothes, base boards, and even clawed a hole into our plaster wall.  However, shortly after starting a regular CBD regiment we noticed that he had stopped destroying things when we left and hasn’t since.

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