CBD Extraction Process

America’s Finest CBD is honored to partner with numerous, leading laboratories in order to provide the highest quality CBD bulk products for all of our business clients. We carefully vet labs based on their certifications and processing standards. When working with America’s Finest CBD, you’re guaranteed CBD products that have been extracted in facilities with the following credentials:

  • Health Department Approval: Our extraction facilities operate under food manufacturer sanitation standards.
  • Health Department Manufacturing License: Our processing facilities are certified, licenses, and authorized to operate as a manufactured food establishment.
  • Environmental Safety Approval: Our facilities are compliant to shelf stability approval ensuring all of our products are mold and microbial free.
  • cGMP-Certified: Good manufacturing practices are governed by the FDA. With extraction and processing facilities that are cGMP-certified, you’ll receive CBD products held to a higher standard.
  • ISO-9001 Certified: This international standard provides the requirements for quality management, demonstrating consistency and ability to meet regulatory and customer requirements.  
  • Kosher Certified: Our facilities are Kosher certified, ensuring all production standards and ingredients are stipulated under this certification.

For businesses that require specific certifications for their CBD products, we work with all the leading labs in order to supply your demand. We’re always happy to work within your budget and to help you find the specific extractions you’re looking for. If you’d like to learn more about our extraction process and facility certifications, please contact us! or email info@dogebotanicals.com