Improve Your Dog’s Quality of Life With Human-Grade CBD Oil

We believe no dog should have to live in pain.

Doge Botanicals believes our dogs are part of the family and deserve a natural remedy to ease their stress, pain, and anxiety.

With the most advanced extraction processes, Doge Botanicals provides solventless CBD that serves as the heart of premium health and wellness products. Our products are human-grade and human tested, made in small custom batches.

Do not waste money buying dog treats your dog may or may not like. You can use CBD oil right on your pet's skin, put a drop right on their tongue, or put a few drops on their favorite treat or dinner.

Colorado Grown Human-Grade USDA Certified Organic Hemp

About Doge CBD

Doge Botanicals is a family owned and operated business that was started to offer easy to use, cheap, and high quality CBD products to pet owners.  After our vet recommended CBD as a way to off relief our dog's joint pain and inflammation we spent countless hours researching and scouring the internet for a product that was both safe and low-cost, in the end what we found is a lot of misinformation and questionable products.  After months of frustration we came to the conclusion that if we truly wanted an ideal product we would need to oversee it ourselves to ensure that it met the specific needs of our pet, this was the first step in our journey and the beginning of many roadblocks.

We quickly realized that in order to get a product made specifically to meet our rigorous quality standards we would need to purchase large batches, initially we were skeptical of this approach but remembering the difficulty we had in reaching this point we decided to move forward as a business and use this as an opportunity to create an easier road for future pet owners who have the same high standards we have for our pets.

Doge Botanicals offers custom Colorado Grown, USDA certified, THC free, small-batch, CBD tinctures to treat a variety of ailments; pain, digestive issues, anxiety, epilepsy, skin, and circulatory issues.  Unlike other companies we don't simply offer a human CBD product with a different dosage count, Doge Botanicals offers a CBD product that is specifically tailored to your pet's health and safety needs.

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